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The Story Studio holds its regularly scheduled classes in New York City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and online.
Corporate workshops and other specialty classes are held throughout the world!

Now, choose the type of workshop that interests you:

2-day Storytelling for Business Workshop ($150)

In this 2-day workshop, participants apply the principles of compelling storytelling to communicate more effectively on the job. Brief lectures and hands-on exercises focus on bringing an emotionally resonant arc to brand biographies, personal anecdotes for professional networking, and vision-into-action stories.

Participants will get a chance to share and receive feedback on one short story of their choosing. The instructor confers with each student via email prior to the day of the workshop to help the student prepare appropriate story content to workshop.

This class is open to all students. No experience required.

6-session Storytelling for Business Workshop ($350)

Story Studio Storytelling for Business workshops demystify the storytelling process and provide a forum for employees to become clear, confident, engaging communicators.

This personalized 6-session class will explore in depth the art of storytelling for business. It is ideal for participants who are looking to advance their careers by applying storytelling techniques to their work.

Participants will each focus on their own business and/or career objectives and challenges, learning how to strip an idea to its core, and communicate that idea in a way that is concrete and emotionally resonant.

The 3-hour sessions over a 6-week period will give students individualized instruction while creating a group dynamic in which to share stories and give and receive feedback that enables them to hone their stories into sharp focus.

All Story Studio Storytelling for Business class participants leave with three polished stories matched to their personal business objectives. Using techniques adapted from performance development, improv and classic storytelling, participants learn how to craft a story that will help to move their career forward.

This class is open to all students. No experience required.

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